Blanca Brooke show a0858 Red fever

Blanca Brooke

Red fever

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  • Duration: 31 min.
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High Heels
Naked Feet

User comments (14)

WyDude avatar
If you enjoy girls with a Renaissance build and classic striptease, you'll love Blanca Brooke. Although this VirtuaGirl doesn't get very explicit, she manages to pull off a classic striptease that keeps you watching as her girl-next-door smile and charm keep you glued to the screen. Blanca has a Renaissance body ? a little thick, but well proportioned without the hourglass of today's women. Her face is beautiful, looking much like a blond version of Melisa ? a VGR favorite. She has a much slower, less energetic style, however, but retains the same great ass. As a desktop stripper, Blanca Brooke is nothing fancy, doing a good show in this card without a lot of fluff. The exception is when she's using the pole. She is a good pole dancer with a grasp of the basic moves that many VirtuaGirls don't have. If you're into a lot of rubbing, full nudity, and explicit action then this girl is not for you. If you enjoy classic striptease and beautiful amateurs.. this is it.
Spacephantom avatar
I love Blanca's look in this card. Very different from her debut and resembling Stacy Silver. She looks wonderful with her hair down, red really suits her and the stockings emphasise her practically perfect legs. On the task-bar she was charming and seductive, with good eye contact, a lovely smile and was active enough to maintain interest without overdoing it. Some of the clips were poorly edited, but there was very little to criticise in Blanca's performance itself. A highlight was the clip where she very sexily removed her stockings. Her pole routine was a little slow, but she was stylish, used the pole well, performed a few basic swings and corkscrews and seemed to be enjoying herself. In the standing clips she was sexy and vivacious, with varied and seductive movement and a charmingly seductive striptease, and in one very erotic clip, she danced nude with a see-through sheet. A very good enjoyable show and a considerable improvement over Blanca's first card. A real pity about the poor editing though.
rtigerpaul avatar
Nice outfit,nice smile,nice hair,nice ass and I do agree a Joy to watch and in other areas we are left to "walk by faith and not by sight"...grin.I did enjoy her interview.Thanks again & God be Praised... ALL close to my Heart in Prayer.Definitely a Blanca(see the definition).
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