Blanca Brooke show a0857 London mansion

Blanca Brooke

London mansion

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User comments (21)

Stanislaw avatar
I don't know why there is so many bad comments about her... I mean, she's cute and gives a good performance. Although she lacks some training with the pole and sometimes her smile seems to be "frozen" almost like on a picture... You know, like when you're forced to smile for the camera. Also, I have nothing against girls who goes bare foot in their shows, however Totem should keep a cleaner environement when they do it. Is it normal that a girl ends up with dirty feet within several clips ? Clean up the stage, dammit ! :P
plasonic avatar
I absolutely love Blanca's incredible, fresh, glowing, natural beauty! Her angelic face coupled with her buxomly luscious body has me aching in lust for her sweet curves! I adore her type of body lines, with her lush, full, torso,hips, ass, & legs!Love how she wiggles that sumptuous ass around while smiling the sunniest smiles.Makes me just want to honey-hug her thighs, hips, & ass, while kissing her gorgeous pussy & curvy belly!Her tits are perfectly perky, nubile beauty too!She moves most sensually & has a penchant for performing with a strong accent on "Tease" & glam moves.Just watching her legs move is a delight!Hope she does cards in short, ass hugging, tight skirts too! She does a nice, thonged, on knees to us, bend over that highlights her fulsome ass nicely.ALAS,her dance SADLY lacks any explicit views or offerings of her pussy/ass!Hopefully this will be remedied in future cards!I REALLY miss that action here! Oozes sexy beauty. Lovely interview vid.She has such potential!
Reggun avatar
Blanca Brooke In London mansion >> For christsake, someone should tell this girl that there are a lot of VGHD girls better than her; as she has a symetrical body of a potato sack (bag). She is that prude that I won't bother downloading her bonus photos or videos. If her next photoshoots & video/s will be the same as this one, she better go somewhere else to make a quid because even at her age she may be at the wrong address and I suggest Sesame Street for her. My rating is 5 out of 10.
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