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Blanca Brooke

Innocent eyes

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  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Level: Nudity
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High Heels

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Spacephantom avatar
Blanca looks gorgeous in this little black skirt and colourful top, and reminds me of a blond Melisa here. She was beautifully charming and reasonably interactive on the task-bar, but had some difficulty removing practically every item of clothing, giving the performance a rather clumsy and inept feel. At the end of one clip she seemed to lose her balance and fall off the platform she was sitting on, giving the appearance of falling off the task-bar. So this wasn't the slickest of performances, but still kind of fun, if a little uncomfortable to watch her struggle. Her pole dancing wasn't great and was a bit hesitant at times, but with lots of fun, wonderful personality and a few pretty decent, if not very well executed moves thrown in, it was entertaining. The standing clips were also full of charm and fun. The outfit again caused her a few problems though, and the striptease could have been better. Not the most competent of shows from Blanca, but one that will leave you with a smile on your face.
lapinou45 avatar
Blanca ne fait pas dans l'exhibition,elle ne nous montre pas grand chose mais son corps est magnifique,elle est pulpeuse à souhaits...elle bouge bien,j'aime bien ce show
ANTOHA2009 avatar
Nice show just a nice tasteful level, quite attractive. A reasonable purchase!I'm happy with the choice 10/10 keep it up
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