Tender kiss by

Blanca Brooke

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Joined in Jul 2012

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September 30, 2012
Well, i`d like to say few words about Blanca`s performance. I like it! I really do, because there is nothing fake in her show. Who says, that it`s boring, she has no tits, her body is too strong and so on... Go to God and tell Him, that creature he did, is`nt perfect and listen, what God will tell you. The answer is: look at youself! You are not perfect at all, but it`s OK, because nobody does and i love you all, just that way you are...

My message is: take Blanca Brook just like she is - young amazing girl!

Enjoy her! Yes, she is a little bit shy, but there is no need for extra sex. There is plenty of it everywhere.

I like, for example, when girl takes her shoes off... Funny little thing, but feels very sexy.

Thanks everybody for your time and...be cool!

Joined in Nov 2008

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June 17, 2011
A very sexy outfit for Blanca's final show, with a suitably subtle and naturalistic makeup job.

Her task-bar performance was rather slow and not very active, but her wonderful charm and lovely interactive quality more than made up for that. Blanca's smile just lifts your heart every time you see it, and it was frequently on display here. Nothing explicit in this show, but still plenty of sex appeal from the very potent combination of her great beauty and enchanting personality.

There weren't many interesting moves with the pole, apart from the occasional basic swing around, but this was still one of her most entertaining and dynamic routines, with her personality again making every clip a joy to watch. The standing clips ranged from very slow and sensual to up beat and fun, although she did spend too much time wiggling on the spot in most. Her striptease was excellent, however, and her personality again shone through in every clip.

Not quite a case of Blanca's best being saved till last, but close enough. A truly delightful show.

Joined in Jun 2011

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June 7, 2013
I nravitsa its gross and not agile movement in it is the highlight katoroya I like it! Her skromnota and zakompliksovonost 10/10
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