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Sweet torture

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High Heels
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WyDude avatar
Eliska in this outfit should have been a dream come true. Visually, she is, as this hot woman with the big natural breasts overflows from this leather outfit in all the right ways. Sadly, she fails to deliver anything more than a standard strip, not even using some of the nuances the outfit might provide for some bonus fun. Eliska is one of the hottest new VirtuaGirls to come to VirtuaGirl HD. This outfit accentuates that point. She doesn't do much with the "torture" or dominatrix theme inherent in this card's title and outfit, though. Instead, she opts to do a fairly routine strip show.
funpain888 avatar
The boobs are to die for! great body, sexy must be her middle name. But i wish she would take of that bit of leather hanging over her pussy, i just want to rip it off;) Thank's for her/more bigger girls please
HosedHead avatar
Eufrat's performance with this outfit was one of the first I got, a year and some ago. Some have said that anyone else trying to do this outfit cannot be as good, that Eufrat was definitive, but I have to admit that I really like how Eliska does this. Maybe it is because I am dating a woman starting a couple weeks back that is into being on the receiving end of that strap she is holding. But I like Eliska's body, the hips a bit fuller, the breasts naturally full and flowing over the scoop out on this outfit. She looks much more fun to cuddle with, to dance closely with, to watch as she dances and her breasts move about a fraction of a second behind her hips. She is very much ALL WOMAN.
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