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Elisa is a vivaciously exciting, fit,enthusiastically sexy,StripperBabe,long of leg & juicy of breast.She strips energetically with a joy of being alive that suggests a highly creative, & energetic lover in bed! Her beautifully supple ass is a treat to watch wiggle & sway on top of those truly awesome long & twangy legs!After seeing her INCREDIBLY SEXY DB's card with her BearDaddy, I was hopin' for a little bit more erotic action here on VG.(her X clip does not include fingering) I suspect she gave it but it's not here.She's intensely beautiful,playful,& teasingly erotic throughout her performance.Her dance style reminds me a bit of Marie's,lots of Effervescent Sexy Moves and a super fit female loveliness!I'd have liked a bit more focus on suckin' up to her sweet ass, with a few more slow,seductive bend-overs, ass to us & definately some more pussy strokin'& plungin'! Still I get a lot of pleasure from imagining how her muscles feel under my hands-& there's always FUCKERBEAR! 9.5 Cutie
Spacephantom avatar
This is a much better outfit and general look for Elisa than in her first show, although the hairstyle is still a bit severe. I would love to see her with her hair free and flowing. Her performance on the task-bar was very expressive and erotic, with a great sense of viewer interaction and enough variation to maintain interest. Although very active in most clips, a couple where she didn't seem to do much were a bit static. In the pole clips her style was dynamic, entertaining and again very expressive, but seemed slightly awkward. She used the pole quite well, but a single scissor kick was the only really impressive move. The standing clips were the best part of this show though. Elisa's expressive enthusiasm combined with her fluid, but varied and dynamic movement came across as very charming as well as entertaining and sexy. Not perfect, but a good solid show from Elisa and a distinct improvement over her first. http://www.v-girls.co.uk/elisa-reviews.html#a0841
nightlybird3 avatar
das girl gefällt mir ganz gut sie hat einen schönen busen ,der arsch ist auch nicht schlecht und siesetzt ihn gut in szene ,sie ist ständig in bewgung und lässt ihre kurven kreisen .einzige mangel könnte mehr von der pussy zeigen und sie hat manchmal eine etwas selsame mimik,overacting :) trotzdem sehenswert 10 punkte
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