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College romance

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High Heels

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WyDude avatar
To be honest, this card was a little disappointing. I've come to expect a lot from Elisa and in this card, she fails to deliver. Of course, a bad card for Elisa is a good card for most other VirtuaGirls, so that doesn't mean this one isn't worth seeing. This card features this very hot Virtua Girl wearing a great schoolgirl-lish outfit. As usual, Elisa does a good job using it to show her body and accentuate her appeal while she does her desktop dancing. Although it's disappointing as an Elisa card, it's a good one and worth viewing if you haven't fallen in love with this desktop dancer yet.
CalicoClyde avatar
College Romance by Elisa is a version on the "schoolgirl outfit". The simple top is a welcome change. Combined with the matching tartan bikini top and skirt which would never pass a uniform code, you've got a great costume. Elisa knows how to provocatively move around, and should be a good addition to anyone's collection. Her breasts are a nice average size, and a thin landing strip above her pussy. She is on the slender side, but still healthy looking. Elisa isn't afraid to get explicit, aiming herself right at the camera and spreading herself open for us to enjoy. Leg-lovers should have plenty to enjoy with Elisa. Between her dancing and basic pole work, those gams are shown off quite well. A decent length show of half an hour. Sometimes her hair has that "still worn out in the morning" look, and that suits her bedroom eyes and pouty lips perfectly. Very good, but not quite perfect, 9 out of 10.
plasonic avatar
Here she is again, the Sex Goddess Elisa, seducing me to Jack A Whoopie Madness & Joy by the exquisite gorgeousness of her beauty & twangin',sexy body!Her lovely, expressive, eyes float within her soft,loose, hair, perfectly complementing the expressiveness of her pretty mouth.Her body is a treasure of erotic, fit, beauty & she moves with grace & confident sexiness.Her StripperDance is both seductive & energetic in parts, and she gives us a COMPLETE performance, balancing the abundant "tease" with loads of "show it"explicit "please" action! Her body reminds me of Marie's in its blend of sexy fitness, curves, & long muscle lines.The girl "works it' too.She happily spreads her legs and offers us her cookie/pucker treasures many ways in her performance. I luv it when she hooks her leg on the pole to give us a pantyless view,when she lies on her side and strokes her sumptuous ass,flings her legs wide in the X clip/flowing into a sweet ass kiss!She does it all! Satisfyingly! Beautiful!
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