Pepito show a0836 Winter evening


Winter evening

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  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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User comments (38)

gofystyle avatar
Wo ! Pepito ! Pas très belle, fesse molles, seins refaits, je l?ai effacé de mon disque dur. Elle serait parfaite pour l?halloween ?elle fait peur.
Spacephantom avatar
This is one of those outfits which looks fantastic on the girl, but where there is a danger of detracting from the striptease by revealing too much too soon. I needn't have worried though. Pepito really made it work for her and it's actually my favourite outfit from her 5 cards so far. For me, Pepito is among the best task-bar performers on VG. Incredibly sexy, with sultry personality and a great teasing sense of interaction. Some of the positions she managed to contort herself into were truly impressive, as well as highly erotic and the way she extracted herself from this already revealing outfit, including the stockings, was enough to turn any red-blooded male's brain to mush. This was her least impressive pole routine, however. She displayed considerable agility and made some good use of the pole, but spent too much time on the floor in all but the full striptease clip, which itself was very good. The standing clips, on the other hand were her best yet. Her movement was stylish, fluid, sensual, varied, wonderfully erotic and not as slow as in some of her previous shows. Her striptease was simply superb and expertly performed. Despite a pole performance that was a little below par, this was clearly Pepito's best show to date in my view.
Wintermute0 avatar
I just realized I haven't commented on this lady. I know she's not the prettiest in the face; but I love her fishnet top and hose, and I sense her attitude would strongly tend to make her a keeper, making sure you stayed satisfied by draining you nightly.
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