Pepito show a0835 Jungle warfare


Jungle warfare

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JuStJoKiNg avatar
Eh...Pepito is not really one of my fav's, but she does have some nice curves...especially the ass, and the outfit is sexy.
plasonic avatar
Pepito is a dream of a hot StripperBabe!She has a fulsome,curvaceous, body, lovely exotic beauty, and a torridly, sexy, sensual,pro stripper DanceAbility!She's put her motor on "Constant Seduction" and just slinks, pumps, spreads, & purrs along, full on for orgasm!This card is her "lap dance" as opposed to her other cards as she gives us more explicit showing, full spread action in her clips.She does the outfit great justice as a tight short skirt, riding up over those active pump & sway,sexy hips & ass! Her dance is imbued with lush sexual temptation & ultimate erotic feminine power. This babe knows her Deep Erotic Energy and pours it on us with well concentrated seductive flow.She's an Erotic Joy to watch due to her HypnoFlow energy that draws me in with delicious enticement every time I watch her! She spreads her legs, sways her ass, kicks her legs,drapes her nude body on the bar,stretches like the jungle cat she is, & I can feel the wet sex heat rise from her thru my screen! YES!!
Spacephantom avatar
I've never been keen on military style outfits, but they have been getting better lately and this sexy camouflage costume looks good. The pulled back hair doesn't really suit Pepito's face though. Pepito was once again excellent on the task-bar, with agile, fascinatingly sexy movement (some of it quite unusual), great eye contact and a good sense of interaction. Very seductive and equally entertaining to watch. On the pole she performed with great style, agility and a superb range of movement, making some of the best use of the pole I've seen from a non-pole dancer. No spectacular moves, but a very impressive routine nevertheless. In the standing clips her movement was sexy, varied and seductive. Pepito is a real expert at striptease dancing and her routine here was again superbly impressive and very sexy. Although my least favourite look for Pepito, this was another great performance.
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