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Black cherry

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Big Boobs
High Heels

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plasonic avatar
Pepito is a gorgeous, lush bodied StripperBabe.She emits a potent Gypsy allure as she performs a show heavy on sensual wiggle & elegant on-floor stretching & undulation moves, like a stripper in a club doing a floor show.She's got the looks for this exotic style of movement.Her peek-a-boo hair style adds to her mystique.Her body is lusciously fine, from the incredibly shapely muscles of her legs, hips, ass, deliciously fulsome cunny,to her nicely body appropriate AmperDolls, and she presents it with a nice style of slow seduction, easy flow, moves.She performs a confident, erotic, striptease that seems quite "Elegant Strip Club" in it's delivery & effect.There are no X clips & the explicit clips are rather tame but her overall sexiness & smooth dance style do much to overcome these lackings.I'd like to see her dance in a tight skirt to take advantage of those Wang Tang legs of hers. She could be be a bit more explicit in future too & I hope for a nice DB's solo card. Her10 show8-More!
Reggun avatar
Pepito As A Black Cherry >> Seriously the taking such name which supposed to be a man's name. She seems to be from a mediterranean-arab family tree who moved or passed from a higher to a lower standard thus while at her teenage years rebellious to her family opted to join the bimbos' nightclubs and of course have a boobs' job. In fact she may be just one of many hard-core nightclub stripteasers downtown Paris; hence she should be a God-Send Eye-opener for all hard-core voyeurs; but not for decent Desktop viewers who recognize & conform standards of propriety, good taste, behaviour, modesty and etc . Une tarte sera toujours une tarte. My rating is 5 out of 10.
readyforanything avatar
Now PEPITO I have two other cards of you I do like them but I must say you look very sexy in this card. Yes I am a BIG BOOBS man it is just the way you look your outfit and the way you put on your make-up on 9/10 for me.
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