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plasonic avatar
Pepito is made for that shorty-tighty-ridin'-over-the-ass skirt! I am so jealous of her hem-line!She moves with a heavily seductive,sensual-flow,erotic-exotic,allure that'd have me willing to pay good $$ to just lick her sweat after the show!She has incredible, slow,VERY sensual ProStripperDance ability that always suggests it is YOU she's twining around continuously!Her body is the most lusciously contoured & filled combo of Incredible girl muscle & balanced AmperDolls!Her moves are hypnotic, her seduction complete!Legs made for Hip Twangin',Ass for makin' that skirt ride up & over! Naked she's a banquet of voluptuous delight topped by a deep sexy beauty & sultry facial expressions of passionate Sex Goddess temptation! She's a sculpture of LustyBabe Erotic Essance come to take you Down into Beds of Fire & Moistness.She's a sexy mover in RosePerfumed sweat & Wanton Hot saliva, heat seeking & enveloping my Man-Essance in Wet Ecstasy. Oh inducer of FantaSexY adventures, I AM YOURS!
Amelly avatar
La carte précédente n'était pas terrible mais celle-là l'est encore moins. Je ne sais pas ce que vous reprochez aux filles de l'est mais les boudins français commencent à me sortir par les naseaux.
Spacephantom avatar
Pepito looks very fetching in this little leopard print dress, but I think I preferred her previous outfit. She certainly has all the moves on the task-bar and was active and expressive enough to put on a very good, entertaining and sexy show. Her style was slow, languid and sultry and her eye contact was mostly very good. In the pole clips Pepito performed with style and agility, made great use of the pole and pulled off some impressive moves in a measured, but highly erotic and entertaining routine. She's not exactly a top-notch pole dancer, but she showed distinct potential here. In the standing clips her movement was sexy and varied, but again kind of slow and languid in style. Her striptease was excellent and very sexy. Another great show from Pepito, although her overall performance was just a touch less impressive than in "Black Cherry". Just scrapes a 10, but closer to 9.5
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