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August 2, 2011
Pepito is hard to place. She has an oddly oversized head, but it seems to only add to her exotic look rather than be really distracting. Her big fake breasts are nicely done and aren't a distraction either. She has a very sensual, exotic Latina look that is very alluring.

Most of her striptease is made up of slow, simple movements that accentuate her body and alternate between seductively steamy and sizzlingly teasing.

Her movements are perfect for her style and look and makes for an overall very exotic, unusual (for VirtuaGirl) desktop dancer. Her little wet-lipped smiles and teasing expressions make for a great show. She isn't very explicit, but makes up for it with great style.
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February 26, 2012
this girl flirts soooooo muchhhhhhh !!! everytime i finish ... and i see her flirting with me ... i have to start again .... up to 12 times a day.... my record is 16 .... i dont know but this girl makes me so crazy ...

pepito make me so crazy .... please forgive me that i love Jasmine Nadreas more .... but she is my first virtua girl .... please dont be sad ... i like you too very much honey ... but she is the number one .
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May 1, 2011
The last of Pepito's 6 cards, and I have to say this isn't my favourite outfit for her. But lets face it, she would look great dressed in an old sack.

Pepito seldom fails to impress on the task-bar and this was another top-notch performance. Utterly charming, very seductive, with plenty of variation in both movement and expression, always moving as smoothly as silk and finding the perfect positions to show off her superb body to best effect.

This was also her most consistently good pole dance performance across every clip. A highly erotic routine, if somewhat languid in style, showing her agility and making great use of the pole, including a number of well executed swings and corkscrews. She brought that same slow, but smooth and sensual style of movement to the standing clips, while keeping things varied and interesting enough to fascinate the viewer at all times. Both her full striptease clips were exquisitely sexy, but she spent a little too much time on the floor in one of them.

Not her best look in my view, but the best of her 6 performances overall.
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