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Aletta Ocean

Remand centre

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curiousgeorge2 avatar
No excuses need to be made about this VG !!! She has got to be one of the most beautiful girls on this site (exotic eyes, beautiful face and perfect curves on her body that she should a danger warning on her) and easily top 5 material. Another hot performance and outfit by this beauty. MORE PLEASE !!!
Reggun avatar
Aletta Ocean At Remand Centre >> Yes ! Yes ! She should stay in a Remand Centre, that's to say in a prison environment one. Here we are with a girl with a God's given beautiful face & body who had to stuff it up by a silicone or whatever implants which is out of proportion to the size of her body. Another VGHD pervert tarte that can't think for herself and had followed the trend of other dingbats into carrying out transformations to their body. It is a shame that she chose implants of enormous proportion to spoil what she has ie. exotic eyes, beautiful face and perfect curves. Imagine you have to sleep against those rock-melons, you shall have nightmares. Here is a Thought-Of-The-Day for Aletta Ocean >> If you feel inadequate as a woman, the problem to address is in your head, not your chest; the definition of femininity, has become mostly cosmetic so let's start with our own lives as the place to resist this trend. As now my rating for you at VGHD is 5 out of 10.
plasonic avatar
A new visit from Aletta is like a warm, woman scented, breeze from high up between her lush & luscious Lusty Lady thighs.A most welcome, sensual, intoxication,of Buxotic,Erotic,FemEssance, guaranteed to induce visions of orgasmic pleasure soon to come in my mind.Her silken undulation of curve & swell is not unlike that element of her name choice,the ocean.When she slow kicks those AmazonStrong legs, I long for her sliding flesh to friction burn my ears! I'm an AlettaAdict-can't get enough of her buxom stuff! Love her wiggle & pump, her spread and twirl, her sultry glance, her finger dip into pussy heaven.It's all so abundant! From AmperDolls,firm curvy torso,legs & ass of Wankin Wonder,pierce yer soul eyes, & suck you dry plumper lips she is my Siren calling me to get my Rocks off! The outfit highlights her amazing ass & legs,bulbous boobs, & lovely face.Gun distracts a bit. A nightstick would have been better!She achieves goddess allure & that's what I've cum for again, & again,&....
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