Aletta Ocean show a0824 Black dragon

Aletta Ocean

Black dragon

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WyDude avatar
Aletta Ocean is a porn star of some renown and her look says "professional" all over it. From her big fake breasts to her collagen lips, this woman is the image of today's "sex queen." Sadly, that professionalism also means distance and, to be honest, boredom. This manufactured woman puts on a good show if you're after boilerplate solo stripper moves. If you're looking for a great attitude, a fun show, or someone who appears to be enjoying herself as she performs, then Aletta Ocean won't deliver.
hase00719671 avatar
Man sieht auf den ersten Blick daß Titten und Lippen unnatürlich sind. Warum tun Frauen sowas? Leider gibts noch keine Gehirnimplantate.
plasonic avatar
Aleta is a force of Eros!A smooth Flow of Liquid Sex in motion! I am completely seduced by her luscious StripperBabeNess & fulsome body allure!When she looks at me with that lovely Sex Doll face I am subsumed 'neath her Quantum FuckSome flow of AmperBabe BuxoticBadonkaDonk Beauty! When she prowls, fully clothed, on the bar, just GlidePumpin' while caressing me with her TemptationEyes I'm matchin' her, smooth flow fer smooth flow! Ooooo...yeah...She leans back, kickin' legs of buxom smooth & I'm imaginin' how their SkinSilk feels rubbin' on my ears, how her muscles feel in the squeeze & stroke of my hands.She moves like curling smoke, slo-mo Ocean waves,like a snake on the make! Nice X clip..light fingers but EarthBabe spread & stroke, all blessed by her EarthEreal SexBabe BeautyGaze!Heady seduction into FantaFuckTion! Mega jugs complete the SexBomb Gorgeous effect with silky AmperBounce!I luv the light as it reflects off her skin! Her Siren song of flesh & glance & my rocks are OFF!
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