Angelica Kitten show a0817 Naughty kitten

Angelica Kitten

Naughty kitten

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  • Duration: 37 min.
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High Heels

User comments (17)

Spacephantom avatar
Another good outfit for Angelica. Both classy and sexy, with the denim shorts giving it a touch of the "girl next door". Although there were a few awkward moments on the task-bar, her movement was generally very seductive with some little nuances that were a great turn-on. Her eye contact was good, but not perfect, and she had an expressive sense of viewer interaction, which was both very sexy and fun. The pole clips were really rather poor though. Angelica's movement was sexy and stylish, but she seemed hesitant in using the pole, didn't do much of interest with it and occasionally seemed to completely ignore it. The standing clips were up-tempo, fun and sexy, with a well-performed striptease. Her movement again had a certain awkwardness about it, but gave her an endearing quality here and these clips were the highlight of the show for me. Not Angelica's very best overall. A good solid show though, despite poor pole clips.
Apasas avatar
A good solid performance as ever from Angelica Kitten. I also like the conventional outfir and the interesting V-back style panties. The best thing about this card is how she uses the costume. I don't normally like cards with shorts because you don't see much. But in this case you can see the material of her panties out the back of her shorts. Little things like this can be very erotic and are generally underused in most cards. Even then there is room for improvement. It would have been nice to see a close up whale-tail in her shorts. But unfortuntely, there is none of that, although there is a hint of a whale-tail on the pole clips.
ChaoticEvil avatar
I know its unfair but i will autogive 10 after looking at her face on my taskbar ... so much makeup but in this card it works! She turns me on and i dont care if she is doing a poor performance or stuff .. sometimes i just know i am gonna love the card .. all i want is to come on that pretty face .. so i guess the girl deserves the highest rating:) gonna fall in love with you Kitten if you keep it up:) could we by chance get more of her?:)
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