Angelica Kitten show a0815 Chicago club

Angelica Kitten

Chicago club

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Angelica Kitten At Chicago Club >> Her pictures in those photoshoots show her as having a great sensuous body of a figure proportionately well-endowed; but when viewed on a HD Widescreen her videos show a different thing that she has a nice pleasant face and eager to perform but not so nice ill-health skin as it shows this girl may have had a poor & bad up-bringing. Wih all her fingerings, spreadings strokings, twirlings of the pussy she is too explicit in her acts which would place her among those who will do anything to get access to the Skin-Flic-Facory to make a quid (hence the $ sign is always in their eyes). My rating for her is 8 out of 10.
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Oh I luv this girl!Over her first 3 cards(Db's solo too)she has seduced me completely!This card is wonderfully complete!having resemblance both physically & in movement to Playful Ann I am wowed by her ability to blend an effervescent,perky, wiggle & boogie with some hot erotic finger swirl & dip action.This pretty babe LOVES her cunny!She strokes,twirls,fingers,& spreads it with a delight that's contagious! She does the outfit, not particularly hot on its own, justice by competently owning the "SEXY" so well.She conveys a seductive look of ,"Here it is guys. You like some o' this?" with her Stripper naughty-haughty expressions. Luv to see her closeup on bar wigglin' that tick-tock pair o' Kitty Tat hips.She gives some nice pucker love to us too, and when she licks her fingers to go in for some pussy gooshin' & twirlin' it triggers joy in! Love playin' her VG/DB cards together..her mono-moans don't even bother me anymore! Ah the power of CyberSeduction! Fun & sexy babe!WOW
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Kitten is awesome! She looks fantastic on this card and really shines as she dances and poses and plays! Her energy and sex appeal are absolutely contagious and has to be seen to be understood! Not quite as great as her previous card, but very close! 9/10
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