Angelica Kitten show a0814 Deep jungle

Angelica Kitten

Deep jungle

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  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Level: XXX
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High Heels

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plasonic avatar
I luv Angelica Kitten!She is exactly the perfect VG babe. Lovely babe with a great body who doesn't disappoint in her performance. She has a focused, confident, perky, sexuality which she applies to her performance with a satisfying easy flow. She looks hot in that micro mini skirt and I like it when she wiggles her luscious ass. Luv her panties in this card, they split her pussy as much as they try to cover it!She does what EVERY model should do on VG. She does a sexy wiggle AND gets right down to spreading her lovely legs & doing some hot pussy showin' & finger twirling!Importantly her explicit showing is an integral part of her striptease action.She does a nice dance & then some nice pussy show & twirl, then more dance. Very effective erotic stimulation, and a more BALANCED card overall,unlike some recent releases.Laying back on bar, full spread legs, pussy caressing, repeatedly and effectively, she's a delight to play with, sweetly sexy and entertaining at the same time! Easy off!
Spacephantom avatar
The final card from Angelica's set and she looks fantastic in this outfit. Jaguar rather than leopard print I think. I love her hairstyle in this one as well. Although she didn't exactly exude charm on the task-bar, her performance was very sexy, active and varied enough to hold the attention, with a bit of fun and entertainment value included as well. Her sense of interaction was very effective in its seductive quality, even though she hardly cracked a smile. A very enjoyable set of clips, including both level 4 and 5 explicit action. Apart from a single basic swing around, she didn't do much that was interesting with the pole and seemed rather hesitant and lacking in confidence about using it, although she did move well. The standing clips were the highlight of not only this show, however, but possibly of Angelica's entire set of VG cards. An excellent and confident performance, featuring very entertaining up-tempo dancing, with varied movement and a wonderfully performed striptease. Angelica's best performance by far in all but the pole clips.
szalka avatar
Amgelica "Hello Kitty" Kitten a smilin' cute Czech model with shapely tits, long legs and sexy ass. But her show are not really excellent. In the strip pole she's a beginner but she's working ardently. In the taskbar she's a long sight better and in explicit scenes too. My second probleme was it: didn't barefoot scene in the show but she don't wearing boots only slippers. On the whole her show's rating are 9 points.
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