Angelica Kitten show a0813 Queen bee

Angelica Kitten

Queen bee

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  • Duration: 29 min.
  • Level: XXX
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High Heels

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pianogrinder avatar
Angelica has one of the most sweetest and alluring smiles I have ever seen. And she has a killer body and all of her shows seem to draw me in so I can't get away from my computer, she must have stuck glue on my seat because I sat down and I can't get up lol :) definetly a 10.
Spacephantom avatar
Bright yellow isn't my favourite colour, but this underwear is skimpy enough not to be too hard on the eyes and Angelica looks stunning in it. In fact it's my favourite look for her so far. This was Angelica's most confident task-bar performance yet. She was very expressive and active with varied movement, great personality and a lovely sense of seductive interaction. Her eye contact was excellent, she treated us to lots of that wonderful smile and injected enough fun to make the clips entertaining as well as very sexy. Her pole routine was also confident, stylish and sexy, but although she performed the occasional move on the pole, she didn't do anything particularly impressive. Only 3 standing clips in this show. Again confidently performed with varied, sexy movement and a seductive striptease. Overall a very good show with Angelica performing considerably closer to her full potential than previously. Certainly her best yet.
wurblue avatar
This is a perfect outfit for her. She looks amazing in it.
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