Kristine Crystalis show a0811 Red crystal

Kristine Crystalis

Red crystal

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  • Duration: 31 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
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High Heels

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Starryk avatar
Wow. Finally!! Ok so far Kristines shows were a disappointment for me. Somehow she just didn't reach me. She tried desperately to look hot and somehow she just wasn't convincing. But now what a difference this show is. For one she looks great in that red dress. And also her performance improved by miles. Biggest difference is: she smiles in this show and in many clips. It is like seeing a different girl when she does that. I have the impression she was much more comfortable when this show was recorded than in her previous ones. And so she finally was able to reach me, to turn me on. I just didn't have the feeling of a bad act anymore but real passion. Also she know that panties have to be removed first;-) and the dress and these panties really suit her ass. Well the dress suits the whole girl really. This show has no x-rated clips as her previous ones but some 'very explicit' explicit clips. And again she does it with a smile on her face this time. A 10 for this show. This is it Kristine!
Spacephantom avatar
Kristine looks great in this card. More natural I think, with an apparently much happier and more up-beat demeanour. This was her best task-bar performance to date. Her eye contact and sense of viewer interaction were excellent and she really seemed to enjoy teasing and showing off her body. Kristine has never been lacking in seduction, but here she added a large dose of charm as well, frequently flashing her lovely smile. She perhaps tried a touch to hard to be expressive though, and ended up overdoing it a little. Her pole routine was sexy enough, but she only used the pole well in a couple of clips and didn't do very much in the others. The few moves she tried weren't very well executed. In the standing clips she didn't move her feet or change position much, but her movement was still quite dynamic and wonderfully seductive. Her charm and enthusiasm again shone through. A very enjoyable show, despite below par pole clips.
BILLSR55 avatar
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