Kristine Crystalis show a0809 Private reception

Kristine Crystalis

Private reception

  • Shows: 20 clips
  • Bonus photos: 41
  • Bonus videos: 2
  • Duration: 23 min.
  • Level: XXX
  • Filesize: 350MB

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High Heels

User comments (9)

plasonic avatar
I like Kristine a lot.Her elegant, Princess-like, looks & beautiful, long & lissome body are a delight to watch as she performs here.She's overcome her shyness nice enough to do some pretty effective "show it explicit" moves and the combo with those Princess looks of hers is an Erotic treat!She does that gorgeous girl lookin' right at you while she pulls he panties up into her pussy action most effectively!Classy babe teasin' at the party spreadin' her legs for you is a nice Fantasy that she provides!I luv the clip where she's at the pole & pulls her panties up into her crack & yanks them side to side while doing a SensuWiggle! Her X clip is a nice full spread,on-bar pussy rub & twirl, no dip, but nice! Classy babe gettin' down & sexy!Gettin' in touch with her Deep Eros! That's the vibe I get from her.Nice to see Classy babes give it up! Nice interview too.She's intelligent and has a nice voice!The more I watch her, the more I am seduced by her lovliness! She truly is"easy on the eyes"
Spacephantom avatar
An unusually short show this, at only 23 min with 17 clips and none standing without the pole. A really nice outfit though. Both sexy and classy, but with a refreshing touch of verve and the hairstyle adds some elegance. On the task-bar, Kristine made every effort to be sexy and to vary her movement, but came across as rather nervous in many of these clips and her eye contact was a bit intermittent. I'm not certain, but possibly her first show to be shot? The performance was good enough to hold the attention though, and there was plenty for those who like their shows explicit. In the pole clips she performed with considerably more confidence and style and used the pole well for a non pole dancer and included a few well execute corkscrews and a good striptease. This card features my favourite outfit so far for Kristine, and was a pretty good show overall despite her obvious nerves. Pity about the missing standing clips though.
snake353solid avatar
Nice hot body, but I was thinking better on this card, not a great outfit, bad hairstyle.
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