Hazzard county by

Kristine Crystalis

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August 22, 2011
In this card, Kristine Crystalis is quite obviously meant to be Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard TV show and movie. Whether she'd be a good replacement for the two fine actresses who filled the role before is up for you to decide, but in this card, she sure looks good.

Her outfit is close enough that I don't think anyone will argue that she could ride with the boys in the General Lee. Her performance, though, is one of the better that she's done so far. She is beautiful, saucy, and much smoother than she has been in other cards.

The card is still plagued with a fair number of short clips and has its quirks, however, so it's not perfect. But it's very good. Fans of Kristine Crystalis will love this one.
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March 1, 2011
Kristine is a gorgeous StripperBabe. I know the idea is to compare her to others who've played the Daisy character but if you let go of that you have a classy sexy babe doing some nice upskirt panty boogie, flash, & pump!She is very clear in her video that she's never danced erotically for a job before. She does have a very fine, natural ability, to move erotically, & uses this, along with her perfect, fit, body to present a pretty good StripDoll performance.She effectively uses her GlamBabe legs to give us plenty of sexy, thigh twangin' upskirt & spread, tease & please moves!A major attraction of this card!Love her ass to us pumps, pantied & nude.She performs great on-bar "explicit show it" & 5 second finger dip action showcasing that amazing body of hers!She is exactly the Fantasy babe I like stripping for me with a skirt like that!She does nice, vivacious, pole moves,sexy, seductive, standing moves.A fine performance of a mega-lovely classy babe doin' country pussy flashin'! HOT
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February 26, 2011
Kristine Crystalis as Daisy Duke? I don't think so personally. Kristine is a lovely lady, but she's no Catherine Bach or Jessica Simpson. She does look good in the outfit though.

That said, this was a great task-bar performance. She really went for it here, and pushed all the right buttons. Wonderfully sexy movement, a highly seductive sense of viewer interaction and more than enough variation to keep you fascinated. Her eye contact was mostly excellent, with only a couple of glances off-camera. I only wish she had smiled more.

On the pole she seemed a bit hesitant and ungainly, but used the pole well and tried a few moves to keep things interesting. In the standing clips her movement seemed deliberate and measured, but was varied enough to maintain interest and certainly didn't lack sex appeal. Her striptease was excellent and superbly timed.

Not exactly a perfect show, but easily Kristine's best overall performance to date.

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