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WyDude avatar
Another excellent performance from Ally Style. This one features a belly-dancer-style outfit which, if Ally could belly dance, would be awesome. She doesn't, but she does have the body and some of the moves for it. Oh well. The show is great anyway. She is at her usual sexy self here. As usual, it's hard to go wrong with Ally Style on deck. This card features some great desktop dancing and some excellent interaction with the viewer. Although it's not quite a Perfect 10 performance, it is very good. Like I said, it's hard to go wrong with Ally Style.
CalicoClyde avatar
Ally Style is in a glittery red outfit here, which is a great contrast to her pale skin and jet-black hair. The cards I have of her are always fun and energetic, as is Dancefloor. Her poses and gyrations are very enjoyable. She keeps great eye-contact, making the show all that more personal. It's also nice to see a Girl who isn't too skinny. The length of show is nice. Her breasts are a bit more than a handfull, with a slight sag, but that isn't a bad thing: Ally is one of the Girls who seem to honestly enjoy their breasts, with rubbing, playing, and jiggling all while smiling beautifly. Her pussy hair is trimmed down, and she shows off her lower lips graciously. It is easy to get lost in her blue eyes, especially when she does her trademark splits. Add in her naughty smile and obvious enjoyment dancing for us, and you've got a 10 out of 10.
plasonic avatar
Ally's done it again! CyberSeduced me into falling in LustyLove with her natural, girl-next-door-wrapped-in-a-StripperBabe-Erotic-Dream-Doll-Dancer-persona!First look at that cutie-babe face, framed so nicely by her Cleopatra Bangs,had me smilin' & when she opened her legs to me on the bar, I swear a giggle of joy escaped from me! I've said before, she has a most unique & effective "average babe" loveliness that she presents in erotic ways that amp her sexiness to an extreme desirability that she then pumps up even more with a series of Foxy Vixen looks & moves til I'm experiencing a true example of the "sum total being greater than the parts" phenomenon where her attraction is concerned! Love how she dances with an apparent joy to turn us on.As she looks straight at us & spreads her cookie while sucking her fingers it's an invitation to Lusty Lick & Plunge FantaSexy Heaven!Great on-bar full spreads/splits/smiles/sexy looks/PusyPumps/Tease & Please/No X clip/Who cares? EFFECTIVE EROS!
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