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Ally Style

Pink leopard

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High Heels

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WyDude avatar
Ally Style is a new VirtuaGirl that has the classic combination of a hot natural body, beauty, and great attitude to go with her striptease. This desktop stripper has a lot of flexibility and sensual attraction to go with all of that as well. In this card, she is wearing a so-so outfit, but she doesn't waste a lot of time with it. She showcases her surprising flexibility on the pole and in a couple of close up scenes in this card. Watching a girl who can do full splits is more of a turn on than I'd thought. Her sensual attitude and sexy demeanor add to her beauty and excellent natural body. She's not too thin and not too plump (just right) and seems to have to work hard to stay within the boundaries of explicitness allowed by VirtuaGirl HD.
CalicoClyde avatar
The raven-haired beauty with striking blue eyes is back, and still looking great. In this she's got a club-wear clinging outfit, and dancing about through most of the show. She's got fancy heels, but they aren't completly obnoxious, which are removed in a couple of clips. It's quite fun to watch this flexible girl who enjoys playing with her average sized bouncy breasts obviously enjoying herself. The length is a bit below average at 29 minutes, but Ally knows how to make the most of it. Even though her show has some energy in it, she still makes it seem an intimate striptease. She has some energetic twirls on the pole, and performs her trademark splits on a couple of occasions. She's good at teasing you, and no problems of eye-contact. She keeps herself trimmed, and shows some quite nice rubbing of herself. I do like that she's not scrawny, showing off her nice healthy figure. All she would need is a flower in her hair to be a great pin-up girl! 9 out of 10
Dionysos59 avatar
voir sa délicieuse chatte bombée m'oblige à me masturber...
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