Ally Style show a0802 Saturday evening

Ally Style

Saturday evening

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  • Duration: 29 min.
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High Heels

User comments (15)

funpain888 avatar
Very happy with this card. She a great body, boobs are real and sexy. But her pussy is the best. She moves well too...10/10
CalicoClyde avatar
Ally Style out for a Saturday Evening is having a good time out dancing, and using the convienient pole as a fun prop to enhance her dance moves. Later, she just wants to keep dancing at home, two-stepping well in those heels. The outfit's colors work well for her, always a nice touch. Ally performs her trademark splits in this show as well! She loses eye-contact a bit in the full strip, but it looks like "oh, those curtains are open, maybe the neighbors will see this too...." She's got nice sized breasts that bounce around as much as Ally does. She gets more playful as more clothes come off. Her pussy is trimmed, matching her raven-hair. The length is the only real quibble, at just under half an hour. For those who like flexible raven-haired beauties who give you a nice personal strip show, this is a good card for you. 10 out of 10
Spacephantom avatar
A more contemporary look for Ally in this card and an appropriate title too, with Ally wearing the kind of outfit you might really see on a weekend night out. Her task-bar performance here was easily her best yet. Every smile, expression, movement and nuance both charmed and seduced in a close to perfect performance. Ally's trademark splits across the screen was a memorable highlight in a couple of clips and a few were amongst the best task-bar clips on VG. Her movement in all but one of the pole clips was up-tempo and entertaining. She didn't do anything spectacular, but used the pole well, included a few swings and used her agility to her advantage. The standing clips were again in her rather unusual and slightly burlesque style, with great variation of movement, some excellent footwork and a superbly sexy striptease. A truly excellent performance and easily Ally's best. I would love to see her return and treat us to some more.
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