Baby Nicole show a0801 Final assault

Baby Nicole

Final assault

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plasonic avatar
For me, there are two basic physical types of babe on VG.The OMG gorgeous StripperBabes & the "average,pretty girl on the street" type.Nicole is one of the latter.This is not a sleight on her beauty, it just typifies her as being average, pretty, someone you'd see in everyday life & fantasize about.She has a raw, sex appeal to go along with her solid normal sexy body.When I see her dance I always get a "local girl dancin' on the bar" feel. She gives a smoky performance & once outa that outfit it gets better.Her ample,sexy, chunky ass & supple tits are a FuckSome delight to watch boogie & bop. Stocking tops emphasize her cute cunny & curvy hips, & then she RIPS 'em off!Her ass & cunt get wrapped nice in those panties. Her smokey glances do a lot to further the FantaSex hot babe aspect.She gets nicely 'snarley" in some fine explicit clips, no X 'tho.Really like her sexy expressions & mouth action in then clip where she rips off her stockings. Could have used more explicit show it action!
Naberius avatar
Nice, very nice tits!
ILikeEmCurvy avatar
Pros - Love that big, round bubble butt; has a fun personality; awesome up-skirt shots almost mesmerize you Cons - completely overuses the corny faux salutes (if you're gonna use it ladies, learn how to do it correctly first); tries so hard to seem energetic, that she often seems hurried and spastic; her facial expressions can throw you off Baby Nicole has a bangin', naturally stacked physique, and she will be awesome when she learns to slow down, connect with the viewer, and let her body do the talking. 8 out of 10.
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