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  • Duration: 32 min.
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User comments (21)

kvayito avatar
excelent show, very sexy i like no panty upskirt tease but is much better if the girl have some pubic hair or pubic hair like saraliz :) and something else i saw was she had very clips with one boob out :) i liked that very much, like a greek goddess outfit or something like that :) someone know if another girl have shows like this? tease with one boob out? :) sorry if i write something wrong, but i don't speak english very well :(
SungHi avatar
WOW.. an amazing show, beautfifull women - her smile,her eyes - , sexy outfit and no slip under her leggings...this plus the way she poses... HOT AS HELL...simply perfect. Too badi can "only" give her 10 points, she is 1.000.000 points worth
Spacephantom avatar
Nicole looks stunning in this pink leopard print outfit. On the task-bar she was as vivacious, expressive and interactive as ever. Sexy, seductive, entertaining and active enough to make every second unmissable. Her eye contact was a little intermittent at times, however. This was the least impressive of Nicole's 6 pole-dance performances. She was sexy, stylish and used the pole quite well in her routine, but lacked some of her usual dynamism and entertainment value. In the standing clips she was sexy enough, but although she moved around a little, she spent too much time on one spot in most clips. There were 2 full striptease clips, making up for the lack of a full pole dance strip. Both were very good, although I have seen better from Nicole and she fumbled a bit with the tights in one of them. Not Nicole's very best, but the last of 6 truly excellent shows and I hope we'll see this wonderful girl return to add some more.
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