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High Heels
Naked Feet

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Reggun avatar
Zanet As A Commando >> Imagine you have to be one Team Member in a Comanndo Striker Force next to this real Bratislavian / Slovakian beauty of Goddess; you would never be able to carry out your mission at hand. She has beautiful cheekbones and a stunning feminine body with the perfect photo-models' tan. If she is in her birthday camouflage while holding a weapon against you, you won't be looking at the weapon in her hands but her own weapon down there ie. her sensitive area, the gorgeous size of her inner and outer lips (labia), which has the fullness of her 'Mound of Venus' (Mons) that is her flappy tissue that covers the front of her pubic bone; and that's the thing you will be looking at and dream about having your full mouth around them and forget about dying ( She is no killing machine !!!). My rating is still 9 out of 10.
v20310905 avatar
With a performance like this one, Zanet would make a perfect recuitment tool for the army. Zanet has a top body and she puts on a fine performance. She is simply irresistable.
ILikeEmCurvy avatar
To me, this is a love/hate card. I love this card because of Zanet's outfit. It is my favorite. These shorts show off her hips and cheeks better than anything else she has worn. She almost sashays her ass like Heaven(the dancer) a couple of times. I hate this card because of Zanet's lack of creativity. She uses the gun prop WAY too much (brandishing it like a cop is cute only the first time). The rest of her performance is par for the course. I have four of her cards. To look as good as she does, if she "went beyond the call of duty" and wowed you once or twice with something unexpected, she'd be right at the top. This card gets 7 out of 10.
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