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April 24, 2011
Zanet is a beautiful VirtuaGirl with a great, natural body and a sexy not-quite-supermodel look about her. She moves pretty well, though she isn?t the best desktop dancer to hit the screen. She is interactive, has a sexy attitude, and knows how to show off her beautiful body, though.

She does not get very explicit during the show, but she shows the goods in a way that exudes both sensuality and class, which in my book is better than a blatant display of horniness anyway. Only the best VirtuaGirls can pull this off.
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August 27, 2012
If you don't know Zanet, here's what you have to know : she's shy, she's beautiful and she's very talented ! I don't know if it's a role or if she's really shy, but it's kind of attractive. She gives an excellent performance for pole dancing, touching and teasing. Her eyes are less catchy than most of the other girls but makes her look more mysterious and seductive.

The show is a bit short but the clips are nice. Good card then.
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January 18, 2011
Zanet at Beach Bar > here is a a woman with her natural curves of her vital statistics; and even her face gives the impression that she maybe more than her age, she does have a pleasant & attractive face. If she does keep away from the new era's body embelishments so as not to try be be like most of the bimbos around; she will go a long way on the body entertainment business. As for her performances, she needs to be given more chances to perfect her abilities for the pleasure of VGHD customers. Even with only few/one of her sensual photos/performance I've seen I do rate her a 9 out of 10.
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