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Kitty Jane

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Joined in Feb 2012

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May 7, 2012
I thought her "awkwardness" was rather appealing, given her age. Regarding a comment made by another member: "Eat some food", I would hardly call this Kitty anorexic. She is obviously naturally built this way, and it definitely works for me!!! 10/ doubt about it!!!
Joined in Oct 2011

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May 17, 2012
Beautiful face, ideal breasts, long sexy legs, and a perfect ass. I WANT MORE KITTY JANE!!
Joined in Dec 2007

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December 5, 2010
Kitty on my desktop! Happy in my pants! A queen of Leggy on VG, Kitty twangs her sweet femurs & wide honey hips in seductive pump & sway! I love her exquisite beauty & body style so much that I am happy to see her anytime I can. I love her ass & have a tactile pre-touch sense of the feel of her cheeks on my palms as I watch her caress it!(all that "acid" in my youth begins to pay off)Unique skirt that focuses us on her endless legs!In one clip she faces away while hip swaying and the skirt zips up over her hips like a window shade on rapid roll-up!

Kitty's leg kickin' and pussy strokin' are sensually sublime,even if, at mostly profile & 3/4 views,she missed an opportunity to really give it up! I wanted to see MORE straight to us open cookie/pucker full spread shots..slow pumpin' seduction! Kitty does some nice explicit close up on bar work.Fingerlickin' then pussy rubbin', ass caress...I just wanted to see more and a bit more explicit. But it's Kitty Jane..To see is to FantaSex! Yum!
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