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Tina Kay

Delightful girl

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Her gorgeousness is certainly beyond any description skills. God was profoundly generous with her mother some 25 years ago. For me personally it doesn't matter what kind of stripper she is. She's not a stripper at all, she's just a goddess. She's not a pornstar and maybe that could be one of the reasons why a couple of her moves could be defined as erotically reserved to some people but there are a myriad of other things which compensate for everything in my loving blind eyes. :-)
Reggun avatar
Tina Kay As Delightful Girl > I do like the photoshoots, beutifully captured and which enlighted her excuisite beauty. As she has not yet join the bimbos & porno class withtheir outrageous implants, piercings, tattoos and explicite behaviours, she can embelish my widescreens anytime. For that and even if she still has to prove herself in her routine performances while she should be given more changes to do so; I do rectify my rating to 10 out of 10.
v20310905 avatar
Is Tina hot or what?????? Lovely show by a sexy babe with cool moves. She has one of the best healthy clean looking pussies any babe could want. This show is cool... real cool!!!!!
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