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Intense black

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High Heels

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plasonic avatar
Yeah Melissa's all about the seduction of smooth,the temptation of slow,the "ahhh" of the silky caress,the piercing eyes that say,"I want it!",the lush body that says, "It's all here!"The thigh highs focus me on her full curvy thighs, hips, and live pillowed ass in a way that makes me FantaSavor the feeling of my hands sliding from her boot tops to her warm sumptuous flesh!Every undulation of her HoneyHips makes me feel how she would feel cunny wrapped around my cock & workin' it baby!Melissa is built the way women should be naturally, as the creator formed.Her amazing beauty is enhanced by a comfort and ease of sexual expression focusing on those honey hips and her direct & lovely gaze.Alas, no X clips (Grrr Totem)and a bit light on the explicit ones she depends more on the seduction of "wanna" than the satisfaction of "show it".We need both Totem!It's Director's work...should have suggested more explicit moves to model.Ahhh...well her slo-mo lovin' is just fine with me. Mel 10 Show 8
HotDon avatar
She is so sexy! Not to skinny - her boobs fit perfect to her body - her face is so beautiful - she knows how to look sexy - she can dance - the outfit is erotic - the boots ... wow the boots for me a perfect 10 of 10
LeQuestion avatar
What a beautiful full body in a nice, tight leather outfit. Melissa is not the best dancer, but moves her curves in a very sexy way. Works for me.
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