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High Heels

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WyDude avatar
There's no way around it, Zafira is one very hot Virtua Girl. In this card, she is paired with an outfit that highlights her natural beauty and shapely new form. It's hard to find much wrong with her in any card, but in this one, there's nothing wrong at all. Her performance is another showcase of her beautiful body, sensual demeanor, and bright smile. Her long legs, perfect hourglass, and magazine-beautiful face and long hair are all showcased well here. The thin, contemporary high heels don't hurt as I hate "stripper heels." Zafira's performance here is a good mixture of striptease, desktop dancing, and explicit play. No one will be disappointed after downloading this excellent card.
Wannabeme avatar
Just my taste but I think she would be more sexy if she lost maybe 5-10 pounds.
v20310905 avatar
What can I say about this fine specimen of a woman? Yep, Zafira is all woman... sensual... sexual... mesmerizing... hypnotic... exotic... and she knows how to entertain. Just look at her fine performance here. She sucks you in as she displays her erotic qualities. What man could resist her with a perfromance like this!!!!!
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