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December 12, 2016
This 720p resolution card has to be the best production quality 720p resolution card ever. Superb quality.

When I bought this card, it was because Wellie looked a vicacious blond bombshell. She has not disappointed. Wellie is 19 but she performs like a seasoned stripper and her preformances are a must see. She has a sensational beautiful perfect body. She is hot. And her performances are fantastic.

For those who enjoy genital piercings, Wellie does several scenes in which one can see the jewellry piercing in her right fleshy outer labia - looks like a 12g Barbell. Very sexy.

This is a must see card.
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February 3, 2013
I've only had this card for a few hours and it has been in my top 5 ten minutes after first seeing it. All catagories get 5 stars: Wellie, outfit, color, energy, dance, and body
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December 13, 2010
Wellie is a most welcome addition to my VGHD collection. She is such a sexual dynamo earning 9/10 due to being an uninhibited vixen. She is superb below the waist and very natural above. Her potbelly waist is her biggest detraction although her card pic is unflattering but not an accurate portrayal. This model has an attitude that some have labeled as slutty. SO!? Prudes go away. That includes those who only want to see sluts who pretend not to be sluts.

I cannot help but admire her natural breasts with enormous areolae and inverted nipples. Inverted nipples require more effort to make erect, but once stimulated are more sensitive than normal nipples due to a lack of continual desensitizing contact with clothing. She is a pleasure to watch from any angle.

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