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Candy Blond and Wellie

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December 23, 2010
Candy & Wellie R back with their "two slightly drunk chicks naked dancin' at a party" routine.It works fer me 'cause I'm gettin' one of 'em on the coat pile in the bedroom!These babes are hot period! Also they are HOT in their stripper personnas as mentioned above.Sexy,giggly teenies find lots of Fantasies in my mind! They look exactly like hot college girls do. Nice erotic "Lez Experimentin" play with NICE kissing, body rubbin', TitKiss', explicit pussy showin' AND PUSSY NIBBLIN"(Wellie hits the mark!)Wellies belly is just more "tit", a nubile curvy delight that I'd hicky up in real time.Love their act of two teens over-amping the sexy in an attempt to out sexy each other...Just like real life!Gorgeous "get you off" faces on both girls.Happy vibes with lots of "give it up" action! I'm satisfied! (been satisfied many times since buying the card!)The more I watch, the more I wanna invite 'em over for a beer & let them sit on my face!

Yowsa! They make me geezer SexSilly...!LUV 'EM!
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June 16, 2011
Fun show! can't report positively on their dancing, but both girls are having fun, and sync up with each others movement. I especially liked how the girl in the hat attempted to cover her partner and herself while they removed each others outfits while she maintains a facial expression of feigned embarrassment, despite this one plus i have to say this is an average show even 5 rating from me
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December 12, 2010
This girls are amiling sweet and sexy, but Wellie a lil bit chubby. I like theirs outfits, because I'm a bit fedding up the uniform clips with the uniform girls in the uniform lingerie, stockings and platform shoes. This clips are smart and humorous, the girls moving are good, but a lil extremly quick. I think Candy and Wellie not too good dancer, but they sincerely doing all. They lovely smiling, each other body touching and pussy rubbing are much like to me.
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