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Candy Blond

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Joined in Oct 2008

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December 8, 2010
Candy Blond deserves her first name and lots of men would like to eat that type of candy. With more of her developing performances she too should be on the hottest list of VGHD; to which by the way where is the so called HD Video?; and please VGHD read my "Added Comments" on the last of Jana Cova performance as there are hints for you all at VGHD. Good on you Candy Blond so keep up entertaining us the way you know how.
Joined in Dec 2007

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November 21, 2010
Candy is a dancin' BEAM of HOT fuckin' Sunshine! Everything about her is sunny golden delight! One of the most radiantly cutey lovely babes here on VG.Her bubbly wiggle dance is like watching yer sexy neighbors daughter come over and play flirty for fun!The shorty skirt is PERFECT to hug her teeny luscious body while she sexy boogaloos for you.Then foosh, out come those teeny doll PlumpJiggleBoobs and we're on our way to "Do me Mister/Sister heaven!" Naked, but for that golden, camel-toe buildin', pair of panties she is a PornDollDream of panty stroke & smile.Explicit setting & she is happy to spread her lovely legs A LOT & stroke & spread her HoneyCunny lips! Standing nude bend-overs, Hot panty dancin', and ever present pussy strokin' and asshole flashin' all the while nailin' you in yer happy sacks (or lips) with her "sexy girl gonna do you soon" smile!Angel babe, playful & erotic,teeny nubilette, yet super gorgeous sex-confident woman!The new VG babe..Such pretty wiggles & spreads!
Joined in Apr 2011

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April 29, 2011
Ok I would some candy. Nice round butt, and legs I like the way she moves. I rate her a 9.5. two cards only. need to see more of you. Thanks.
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