Sunshine coast by

Jasmine Andreas

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November 15, 2010
Best comment Go here for my full unedited review of this card:-

Here is a summary

The 2nd card from my fellow Edinburgher Jasmine, looking great in an orange bikini and a more natural flowing hairstyle that really emphasises her beauty.

On the task-bar Jasmine was sexy and seductive, but lacked a bit in viewer interaction and entertainment value. Her eye contact was intermittent, although better than in her first show, and gave her an endearingly shy quality.

In the pole clips, she didn't perform with much style and didn't use the pole very well, but did try a few swings around which lifted the routine a bit.

The standing clips were the highlight. Jasmine's style ranged from posing to fluid and sensual dancing. Her movement was superbly sexy and her striptease was spot on. Given more experience and confidence this girl could be great.

Overall a considerable improvement over her début, and a good solid performance showing lots of potential.
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December 15, 2010
First I have to thank Photographer Stanzeflasher for bringing to life this newly Pinup Starlike Beauty; Jasmine is by all means not the average VGHD bimbos that I would class as "VGHD Biggest Losers" with their implants. Jasmine has the face of a real moviestar with those languid piercing eyes that melt all real he-men; she is bound to perform good entertaining desktop sequences which should embelish any HD and/or blu-ray widescreen. I will be looking forward for more pictures of her so that I can create a stunning 3D Blu-ray HD show for my widescreen. Dearest Jasmine keep away from any body enhancement be your own natural self and keep entertaining us.
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November 12, 2010
Jasmine's lack of dance skill is superseded by her absolute gorgeousness. So her points off for dance is augmented by her elevendy-leven total points for loveliness

and lean stacked pulchritude body mass(I worship at her pew)to make this card be a very pleasurable trip so far...and I've only watched 3 clips..I gotta go now..(no time t' cum)...Later..
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