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Playful Ann

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December 12, 2010
Best comment This is another very sexy outfit for Playful Ann. Red and black really suits her and truly enhances her beauty.

On the task bar Ann was once again very active, but she didn't overdo it in this one. She was vivacious, fun and sexy and the only slight downside was a bit of intermittent eye contact here and there. That little thing she does with her tongue continues to be a great turn-on.

The pole clips weren't particularly impressive in this show. Ann wasn't very stylish, but did use the pole reasonably well in a fun, but sexy routine.

The standing clips were the highlight for me. No great dancing or style, but nonetheless very entertaining. Great fun and yes playful, with a well performed sexy striptease, although she did spend far too much time on the floor during the full striptease clip.

So not Playful Ann's best card, but far from her worst and another very good performance overall.
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November 24, 2011
Playful Ann is very sexy. I love the dark hair, pale skin look. This is my first card of Ann's, and I'm betting it won't be my last.
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December 10, 2010
OMG! Playful Ann moves with effortless joyful erotic expressionism!The gorgeous babe literally percolates her sexy self continuously in a sexy boogie that is infectious with her sweetly pussyrifficly happy wiggle, pump, & cunnylictible rubbin'! I love what this beautiful woman does to some inner level of myself that makes me instantly more joyful,horny, and ecstatically ejaculative! I love the balance between her Raven tresses, dark piercing eyes, and those dark stockings on her twangy,bangin', legs. She strokes her cunny often & does a variety of effectively seductive spread legged pumps to us that she exhibits such joy while doing I have to believe she is really enjoying the feeling or is a damn fine practitioner of sexual acting!Ann has natural breasts that seem very comfortable for her to carry around & we are very happy that she brings them with her! When she bends over on knees and ass pumps us, I don't know which end of her alimentary canal to lust after more,she's that lovely!
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