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Cherry candy

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cala avatar
SD is a fantastically, breath-takingly beautiful woman with the looks of a super model and the appeal of the girl next door. Her breasts are perfectly sized for her physique. And, she has the appearance of someone who keeps herself in top physical condition. And then, there is her performance. Wow! Pure sexxx appeal. This is where the girl next door turns into the hot vixen you wished lived next door. 10+
Pookie231 avatar
This beautiful young lady is in my opinion, one of the most beautiful model/dancers this site has ever presented. Her performances are cheerful, smooth and a true delight to watch. She absolutely deserves the highest rating possible! Hope to see many,many more cards of her in the near future. She possess that special something that comes across the screen like few others. Thank You VG for the presentation of this rare beauty.
plasonic avatar
Silvie is ABSOLUTELY extraordinary!Deliciously LeanBabeDream sexy, she also possesses the Stripper'tude, & the seductive WiggleBabe "chops" to lay some truly inspired moves on ya'! She does it all effortlessly, with a joyful flow of temptation wiggle & smilin' flow! Physically exquisite with long tangy legs, pretty pussy/pucker,& plump, jumpin' breasts, that she bobbles 'n' bounces often!From the Plas Ass perspective...A close t' the bone,FantaBangin' prime Spank & Goosh delight("feel" her slim ripples!)! She presents her erotic offering with an enthusiastic,friendly,honey babe, "here to get you off" performance style that's VERY ENJOYABLE & VERY EFFECTIVE to watch.She pumps her pretty parts straight to us,licks her fingers,strokes ,spreads, & twirls her pussy, and finger plunges for Totem's allowed 10 second dip (C'mon Team....start giving us longer, 30 second minimum, finger dip clips!)She's a saucy stripper & fun PlayBabe! Take her home & explore some LeanTangFantaBang!She wants it!
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