Deserted island by

Abigaile Johnson

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August 18, 2010
Best comment Having been largely unimpressed with Abigail's first card, this one came as quite a revelation to me. This is such a big improvement that it's almost like watching a different girl. The bikini suits her perfectly and she looks much better in this outfit, but it's her performance that really stands out.

The highlight is her pole dancing. Abigail performs acrobatic moves in the style of Suzie Q and Shabba, and although nowhere near the high standards of those two, she does so with agility and grace. Also, like Shabba, she strips while hanging from the pole.

Other aspects of Abigail's performance have also improved. Her task-bar clips are sexy seductive and charming, and her movement and stripping in the standing clips is top-notch, although she does spend too much time on the floor in a couple. She could perhaps have injected a bit more fun though.

After this, I can no longer dismiss Abigail as "just another blond". She is an excellent addition to VG, especially for pole dancing fans.
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December 3, 2010
I have a new favourite, she has the arse of an angel and makes that bikini look something special.
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March 30, 2011
Unlike many members, I don't give many cards a 10 rating. This one deserves it. I think I have rated ten or eleven shows a 10 out of over 700 cards. 58 minutes, and every clip....even the no nudity ones...are worth watching. Great pole work. Full nudity. Nicely explicit. Perfect interaction. All natural. Great make up, outfit, and production values. Easily worth two tickets.
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