Manhattan beach by

Satin Bloom

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May 21, 2010
Best comment Satin Bloom is a very beautiful Czech girl with a distinct Latina look and an enchanting smile. Although she’s not my favourite type, I do find her very attractive and more than a little charming.

Her performance is seductive and expressive with a friendly sense of interaction with the viewer, although she does seem rather distracted in places which detracts a little from the show overall. Although not exceptionally explicit, she certainly shows enough in the taskbar clips to satisfy those who like to see everything.

Her movement in the standing and pole clips is fluid, varied and interesting, ranging in style from slow and sensual in some clips to dynamic and exciting in others.

Although obviously not a pole dancer, she uses the pole well and knows enough to perform a range of moves, which keep the clips entertaining and sexy.

Overall a very good debut card from Satin Bloom, which gets a solid 9 from me.
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May 21, 2010
Wowwwww !!!! A few months back I was giving up on this site and they sprung Melissa on me so I stayed. Now with the addition of this woman I might be a memeber for life. Please more, more, more and soon. I'm sorry but a scale of 10 is not high enough for her. What a face and body (plus extreme sensuality bonus). 10+++++
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September 2, 2010
Satin Bloom seems to pop up on my desktop the most often, but you won't see me complaining any! Sure she has fake tits, but it's one of the best boob jobs I've ever seen. I'm usually let down by most implant jobs too. And this chick can bring that tramp stamp to my bedroom anytime, though I'm not crazy about giant tats either. Sexy Latina dance routine, and a Amazing Smile! I give her a 10 out of 10; easily one of my favorite V-Girls on this site. (DAT ASS!!)
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