Sex education by

Lea Tyron

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February 4, 2010
Best comment Another mesmerising performance by Lea. Good lengthy gyrations on the taskbar sans glasses

The open-toe heels stay on throughout the performance but thankfully they are classy matte non platforms. Excellent eye contact throughout, inspite of the glasses which maintain cuteness up till her explicit clips. The explicit is taskbar & non penetrative but extra good nevertheless. Her polework is not gymnastic but rather the pole is used well as a phallic prop. Lea's movements are smooth & unrushed at all times. Very soothing. She performs like she is alone looking at herself in the mirror while she moves and she doesn't need to look back at her hands all the time. This makes for real turn on act with the flavor of a personal service. Thank you again Lea, love your work. More please. 9/10.
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August 17, 2010
What can I say besides: HOT, HOT HOT! So hot, so cute, and perfect in every way possible!
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March 21, 2012
Lea Tyron in Sex Education class is in the stereotypical naughty school-girl uniform. She tries to be innocent & demure, but the outfit, nudity, & teasings show her true school colors. I can see a nerd-girl giving her boyfriend a show after studying aspects of striptease. Mostly the show is slow swaying, and it's not bad at all. It's nice to see open toed normal heels. The glasses are a nice touch, they are on most of the show.

The bow on the back of her thong will put all kinds of ideas into your mind. Lea is quite good at teasing, and she keeps good eye-contact. Lea Tyron has nice average-sized breasts, but they are far above average. Also she is shaved smooth down below. She doesn't get super explicit, and that's fine. She's no pole dancer, but she's certainly a pole seducer. It is a good length at more than 40 minutes.

There is nothing qualitative wrong with Lea or this show, it is just missing that hard to define thing that puts a show over the top.

A solid 9 out of 10
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