Glamour party by

Stacy Silver

 3.92 (1819 votes)

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Joined in Nov 2009

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December 22, 2009
Stacy is hoTT...!!! I may be wrong, but she reminds me of Pamela Anderson. She's got hoTT bods, very playful, explicit, too...thanks VGHD...!!!
Joined in Dec 2007

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July 15, 2009
I would like to tell you that this girl, can not keep her hands away from her OUTSTANDING PUSSY & LIPS, don't like the TAT but the Bonus Photo's are Great!! I wish that the shots that were there that she would do in the video chips (But Not), HINT SPREADING Her Pussy WIDE OPEN !! OUTSTANDING LARGE PUSSY LIPS!!! 10/10 Please get some Real High Heels like the Strippers wear !!
Joined in Oct 2009

42 comment(s)
July 11, 2010
yea she is a little fake,but i wish one of those tit's would bust in my mouth,and she is not that good thing is that she will show you it all
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