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West coast

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  • Duration: 37 min.
  • Level: Full nudity
  • Filesize: 393MB

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High Heels

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Lg1911 avatar
Melisa is truly gorgeous. She has a perfect body in every curvy way and her breasts are very beautiful. Melisa moves in such an alluring manner which is very seductive. I would recommend Melisa so any collection if you like very sexy women. She is easily a 10 if not higher.
warrior81971 avatar
this woman is perfection! wow! i have now examined every inch of her body and am pleased to say flawless. if i was married i would leave my wife for her lol. Magnificent Exceptional Luscious Incredible Sublime Amazing yes that spells MELISA!
plrage avatar
Not much needs to be said about Melisa at this point I think as all her shows so far have been great and this one is no exception. The outfit looks very good on her and while it may not be ideal for a strip show Melisa is more of a dancer anyway so it doesn't matter. 10/10
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