Bengal tigress by

Davon Kim

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August 19, 2010
Davon Kim is SlimTastic, always in her StripperBabe persona, & never quits in her endeavor to get you off! Beyond her outstandingly sexy body & pretty face that's what I love about all her shows here on VG! In this one there is a bar-girl dancer aspect to her "Foxy Prancer" moves. Her slim tangin' ass is a lucious gift as she wiggles it across my gaze.She does nice full on cookie/pucker exposure on all cards to make her performances all come into the "Complete" catagory, that is, balance between "tease & please". (many other cards are WAY too heavy on "tease") Davon is a consummate pro and moves honestly & deeply into pure eroticism.In other words dudes, she gives it up...a lot! Pantied or nude, her ass & cunt are flashin' at you, her tits, 'tho amped, are lovely StripperDolls, and she loves givin' 'em to us! All within the presentation of a fluid, smooth,dance style that is among the best TRUE STRIPPER moves on VG! She is always freshly sexy & ALWAYS satisfies!

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September 21, 2016
the first cad i have choosen.

she knows how dance in a sexy way..

absolutly divine
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January 28, 2011
Davon Kim looks absolutely fantastic and incredibly sexy in this tiger stripe bikini. My favourite outfit for her to date I think.

On the task-bar she was slow and sensual in style, with great eye contact and an effective sense of viewer interaction.

In the pole clips she was up-tempo, stylish and fun. She made good use of the pole for a non-pole dancer, including a sprint entrance and swing on the pole in one clip. Although entertaining, she didn't do anything else particularly impressive.

In the standing clips her movement was fluid, sexy and varied enough in style and tempo to maintain interest. She once again made the mistake of spending too much time on the floor in a couple of clips though, including the full striptease, which was otherwise excellent.

Overall not quite her very best, but so far second only to "Dragon's Breath".
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