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Jana Cova

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November 28, 2010
Best comment I have recently been reviewing some older VG cards that I haven't previously commented on. Here is a summary.

In this card Jana Cova performs a bit differently in style than usual. Although her irrepressible sex appeal does come through, she goes for cute more than sexy here. The look in this card does suit her though, and the summery dress and lighter, more smiley, attitude make it very pleasant to have her on your desktop.

Jana's performance was another very good one. In the task-bar clips she wasn't quite so overtly seductive as previously, but she still entertained and stimulated in equal measure.

In the pole and standing clips her performance was also very good, but I think still too far within the boundaries of her capability.

So a very good show certainly, but not Jana at her very best.
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June 27, 2009
Jana Cova is perhaps the only porn star appearing on VGHD that actually is not getting by on her film rep. she actually cares enough to have a good dance routine and work at the performance, so I was more than surprised by this dynamite little blonde. jana actually uses her porn sensuality as an integral part of her performance, rather than a crutch to prop it up. what she lacks in the bust line (just in my opinion) she makes up for with real PERFORMANCE! the first solid 10 to a porn star dancer I have ever given here. amazing what can happen when you leave your reputation in the porn world at the door, and this professionalism shoots Jana waaaay up there! a must have for any real collection. GO JANA!
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July 9, 2009
This one is as good as it gets. Jana is even better here than in her other cards. Perfect looks, perfect movement, perfect attitude, and explicit as well. She is simply a knockout in every way.
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