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August 23, 2009
Best comment Pros:
  • The outfit's nice(9/10). Fits her body & style nicely. Love her in this jean skirt.
  • Her body is great(9/10). Such long legs leading to a firm, tight ass. Her tits are wonderful & she has a great face.

  • Her moves(7.5/10). Very monotonous bordering on plain old boring. Does the same bland dance over & over in every clip. Pole work is pretty much non-existent at best.
  • Sexiness(7.5/10). Methodical & completely non-expressive. Very little teasing if any, & dont even think about seeing anything that resembles playing. How this card got an explicit rating is beyond me. Very bland.

Overall this card has a lot of bark but absolutely no bite. Nadine is flat-out beautiful, but about as exciting as watching paint dry. Im not surprised, as all of her cards Ive seen are this way. Unless u find emotionless staring to be exciting, avoid spending any tokens on this one. I can sum up this card in 1 word: robotic. A true shame--she is really beautiful. A very generous 8/10.
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January 24, 2009
Smoking hot girl. The "doesn't enjoy herself" attitude that some mention doesn't really bother me...I've seen much worse from other VG models (Liliane Tiger comes to mind). What DOES bother me are the nude clips...not enough of them, and NO spreading of ass cheeks or pussy lips. This is a definite step backward in the quest for explicit cards. When she is nude, too often she shows us a side view instead of a nice close-up of her pussy or ass. Worth perhaps one but not two tickets.

Question...some mention that she will improve with practice. Don't models shoot three or six shows at once? There are three outfits in her video; I assume these were all shot on the same day, and that the other two shows will be of similar quality to this one?
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July 9, 2009
she is stunner!! she gets perfect 10...agree with the other comments... need to dance more...she has the perfect boops...
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