Little sirens by

Rachel Roxxx and Shay Laren

 3.7 (1069 votes)

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March 12, 2010
From the ill-fated LA shoot, this is one of the best fun duos on VG. Both look like they are having a ball interacting, yet they're always back into the camera to confirm they enjoy being watched. Each dancer actively strips the other in different ways, touching and teasing each other rather than dwelling on themselves.

Brilliant, hectic fun, the girls are a team at turning you on with their cheekiness, jostling, joking & teasing each other. Love the -ah-ah no, ya can't see this yet- gestures & also the frantic licking, shaking winking peek-a-boos. Pure non-stop tease imho.

The whole thing is non gyno & very much a boob lover's card. Shay's breasts magnificently sway, unlike Rachel's which look pumped in comparison. Rachel does a brilliant job supporting Shay because she was a ring-in substitute here for a girl who did not show.

No dancing or pole at all. Many very short climb-up clips at the task-bar to fill the file count. Image size is medium only, and blurry by normal standards. A collector's card but fun enough for me to give it 9/10.
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January 24, 2011
The very definition of average..

The only reason this card isn't a 0, is because Shay looks great in those flat sandals, and the height difference between the girls is fun to look at.

Way too short, way too goofy and a technical mess. Easily the worst looking card on the site. Nowhere near worth 2 credits for only a couple of nice moments. Actually, I think any card under 20 min. should be 1 credit, all the time, but I digress...

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March 15, 2010
this two girls seem to be having so much fun. i like that. it would be so nice if somehow we could see them on deskbabes
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