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April 5, 2010
Best comment This is another card from the ill-fated 2008 Los Angeles shoot (see Oquijan's "digging in the past" thread on the forum, page 3, for the full story). So this show basically consists of clips rescued from some highly problematic footage.

I have to say that the Totem team have done a great job on this one though. The quality is considerably crisper and clearer than previous shows from the LA shoot, although the clips are still on the small and short side, and seem slightly stretched (distorted on the long-thin side).

In terms of content, Shay Laren is a very beautiful and sexy woman, who gives an exceptionally erotic show. I would love to have seen some pole dance clips, but of course there was no pole in the LA shoot. Judged on the clips we have though, this is a top notch show and despite the aforementioned flaws it is well worth at least 1 ticket (2 if your a Shay fan). This gets a solid 9 from me, and it would have been 10 if the quality had been of usual vghd standard.
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April 2, 2010
Very beautifull, sexy body and beautifull eyes. She gets 10 of 10.
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June 26, 2010
Shay is perfect exactly like she is now. Thats the problem women face these days. If they aren't model perfect they need to go under the knife to fix it. If she came up to u and said she wants one night of wild crazy sex could u say no sorry can't do it because ur breast are sagging and one boob bigger than the other. If u could ur homosexual and ur at the wrong site. Virtuaguy is what u need.
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