Cherry beach by

Suzie Q

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Joined in May 2008

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February 5, 2009
You guys who think Suzie Q has a "weird body" must be ones who put scrawny, shapeless, pencil-legged chick-sticks like Eufrat and Morgane at the top of the list. This girl is stunning, fun, has a flawless physique, and is without doubt the best dancer on VG. She lets you know in no uncertain terms that she'd keep you up ALLLLLLLL night! Unless you're one of these kooks that's into Olive Oyl, get this card!
Joined in May 2009

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July 5, 2009
Damn, this Aussie can perform! makes great use of the pole and dances with every part of her oh so hot frame! a tough act to follow, I agree. her tight, muscular package is typical of most Australian strippers and still sizzles on the boner-meter. girl next door looks and great smiles make this girl look like she is having the time of her life. not a waste of money by any means, and a solid 10 from me. going to be hard for some of the less experienced girls to follow her, let alone keep up. one smokin all around performer. what a pole show should be!

Joined in Dec 2008

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December 4, 2008
This is a hell of a debut, welcome to the fold Suzie Q. An excellent, toned, slim body, and perfect smile, framed by a flawless jaw, and eyes you could loose yourself in. A fun bubbly girl whom obviously had a riot making this card, but didn't forget about the viewers. This show as far as I have seen sets THE high mark for pole dancing, it is what she does for a living (despite having a degree!) and she does it ooh so well. A fantastic mix of fast paced dancing and slower more sensual scenes (I'm sure she could tie herself in a knot) lots of caressing, and lots of gliding her had over her pretty lil' kitty. For those who like em energetic, exciting and with a head of fiery hair, this is the girl for you. 8/10. Only gripes, are her (gorgeous) breasts aren't quite filled out, and sag a little, and I personally prefer more explicit girls, but I am still happy to have her card, and wait with baited breath for more Suzie Q and her gravity defying pole dancing.

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