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User comments (262)

Snowman8360 avatar
Again I can give Aria only a 9 based on looks and body alone. I had hoped this show would be better than her other 2, but alas it suffers from the same exact flaws! namely, she leans heavily on her porn star rep and simply isn't trying to really perform here. sure, she fills out the outfit nice, and projects the SURFACE image of her porn status. but that's EXACTLY where this and her other 2 shows fall down. even from Aria, it takes more than titty shaking to inspire a boner and sadly she just misses the point. we WANT a porn goddess of her caliber to do finger play, but damn she disappoints! was VGHD's fee not high enough or something? seriously! for a chick with her rep to come on here and have an aversion to pussy play is just inexcusible! and again, she projects the attitude here that this weak image should be good enough for us that pay your site for these girls! sadly it just seems like a let down. this is 3 out of 3 shows now that fall short of what they should be from her.
WyDude avatar
This card has more stagecraft and presence than did her Halloween outfit card. She still looks puffy and past her prime on many fronts, but she is still great to look at. She?s not really fat so much as just kind of too-tight for her size. It?s hard to explain, but it?s the difference between being well-rounded (as in Sandra Sanchez and Kayla) and being well-built, but having the appearance of being ?puffed up? so your skin is stretched. It?s probably the core of why I am turned off by Aria Giovanni now. Other than that, though, her performance is very good ? much better than in the Halloween crap-card. She is more engaging, gets a little more into it and less robotic, and she uses the outfit and her presence to put on a great show.
Vampyre5150 avatar
DAMN HOTT THICK WOMAN! The wife & I have discussed, & agree we'd have a lot of fun with her. I can see my wifes face buried in her box, & she can see me banging her from behind hearing my thighs slapping those beautiful, thick ass cheeks. She got a 9
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